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Music Theory Level 9

  • Starts Jun 4
  • 375 US dollars
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Pre-requisite Theory Level 8 or Theory II in an accredited college or university Study the fundamentals of harmony in the common practice period with an introduction to two and four-part writing. Examine and apply triads (major, minor, diminished, augmented), 6/4 chords (passing, neighbor, cadential and arpeggio), dominant and supertonic 7th, secondary dominants, I in minor keys, pedal points and tonal hierarchy of a phrase or period. Explore melody writing and melodic decoration using passing tones, neighbor tones, appoggiatura, suspension, échapée and anticipations. Identify and write perfect authentic, imperfect authentic, half, deceptive and plagal cadences. Study modulations to the dominant key, related major/minor, and closely related keys. Learn simple, rounded and balanced binary forms and ternary form. Add melody line to a given bass to create a two-part contrapuntal composition. Complete harmonic progressions and given melody lines in four parts (SATB) using both functional chord symbols and root/quality (lead sheet) chord symbols. Analyze harmony and structure of 18th-century dances and inventions. Required textbook: Celebrate Theory Harmony Level 9 ISBN 978-1-55440-814-6

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